About Us

Our Mission Statement

"International Giving, Inc." is a nonprofit, nonpartisan charitable foundation whose mission is to provide the opportunity for international travelers to donate their unused foreign currency to top rated charities and in turn, to benefit people around the globe.

We aim to accomplish our mission, by placing donation kiosks inside international airports and cruise ship terminals. Additionally, we attend charity-sponsored events, and provide our "Traveling Kiosk" for guests to donate any foreign currency they have stockpiled at home.

What We Do and How We Do It

"International Giving, Inc." does all of the legwork to collect donations of unwanted, unused currency for charities in a transparent and uncomplicated manner. It provides another source of found money for our family of charities, to help people around the world. Our broad reach and positive international impact will serve as an added public relations benefit to cities and airports supporting our mission.

Our unique nonprofit corporation will facilitate collection of foreign currency inside international airports throughout the U.S. Ultimately, we intend to expand to cruise ship terminals, and other transportation venues around the globe. We intend to develop a partnership with a major airline for increased awareness and visibility.

Secure ATM-style, collection kiosks present donors with the opportunity to donate to collaborating global charities. Donors simply toss unused currency into a “Give & Go” slot for equal distribution to our six collaborating charities. An armored car service periodically collects donations for delivery to our bank clearinghouse. After conversion and processing fees, 80% of donated funds will be distributed to our charities.

Our goal, through greater public awareness, is to capture a higher percentage of residual foreign currency, and to distribute this unused money to well deserving charities.

About Us

"International Giving, Inc." is the very first 501-(c)-3 non-profit of its kind. On January 8, 2014, our provisional process patent was received by the USPTO. Our non-provisional patent is currently in ‘pending’ status.

Sandra Verbon is the Founder/CEO. Our Board of Directors is in place with four members. Addition of staffing and Directors will be commensurate with rate of expansion.



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